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Parting of the Seas Collectors Plate, Artist Bill Bell,Moses,Bible,Religious




Parting of the Sea collectors plate by Bill Bell. Limited Edition. Plate No Y4632.
The plate has a gold edge.

Story of the scene on the plate....
According to the Exodus account, Moses held out his staff and the Red Sea was parted by God. The Israelites walked on dry ground and crossed the sea, followed by the Egyptian army. Moses again moved his staff once the Israelites had crossed and the sea closed again, drowning the whole Egyptian army.

Not to be used for food consumption. Pigments used for color may be toxic.

Plate measures approximately 8" diameter. We have original styrofoam the plate was placed in, NO original box. Plates look like they never came out of the packing.

Very good condition with no chips,cracks or crazing. Coloring is in great condition.

**IN photo with 3 plates, shows our other listing for Two by Two and Paradise both by Bill Bell, available in other listings. IF you need help finding those, let me know. I'm happy to help you!

About the Artist...
After a career in the music business, he discovered painting. Bill has been doing that for over 25 years. He is Self-taught, he paints memories and impressions of people, places, pets, events, dreams and nonsense that has shaped his life. His aim is to communicate some information, experience or emotion that will touch the viewer. He works with acrylic. His work is owned by the famous, doctors, and people in general.

*VINTAGE NOTE: Please remember that this item has already had a previous life. Therefore, there might be the occasional imperfection. Although I take great care to describe any flaws and provide all the correct information about the age and details about the vintage items, I'm not a expert antique dealer.

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