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Greece Flags 4 Corfu Glass Souvenir Vintage Artist A Manounia Barware Drinking Glasses




This listing is for 4 Corfu Greece drinking glasses. All have a pleasant scenery settings in Greece, with the colors of medium blue, orange/red,touch of yellow,grey and white. Crisp looking.
Price is $30.00 for 4. These have the flag from Greece on the backs.

Each glass has the artist name on the front. I'm not sure, if I spelled it right, it was hard to read it every letter, they are small and in cursive (not worn out).

Great gift for a Greek friend, someone that loves Greece or has always wanted to visit there.

Size is approximately 2 3/4" opening and 5 1/2" height.

In the photo with 6 glasses, these six are to the Right. To the Left, is our other listing for 2 other Corfu vases, by the same artist, with NO flags from Greece on the back. IF you look closely at all six, you will see this 4 (to the right) are just a BIT larger in the opening, and the frosting a TINY bit different. (you can't tell the frosting difference from the photo)
SEE other listing for those. If you need help finding them, let me know, I'd be happy to help!

***THIS is also DUPLICATED in our TRAVEL section....All we have is 2 without flags in the back and 4 with...6 glasses total******

Orders usually shipped out within 1-2 weeks, if you need sooner, please let me know.
Vintage #311B (Copied in our Travel Section)

*VINTAGE NOTE: Please remember that this item has already had a previous life. Therefore, there might be the occasional imperfection. Although I take great care to describe any flaws and provide all the correct information about the age and details about the vintage items, I'm not a expert antique dealer.

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