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Coal Shovel Steel Metal Holder,Gas Station, Wall Bracket,Font 8, Good Fuel,Petroleum




Old and Unique Black Steel rectangle shaped sign with silver lettering "Fone 8 Don't Wait for Good Fuel" are embossed.
Each piece is $45.00.

These were discovered at a Estate sale, at first I thought this was from a gas station to hang air hoses. I think this would be a great gift for someone that collect petroleum,gas station,fuel items.
I was told by a lady at the sale that these were used to hang smaller coal shovels by the handle or horizontally.

We have 12 in stock. IF YOU'D like to choose the EXACT one you'd like, please send us a message in your order and we'll line up 3 in a photo and you can choose which one you'd prefer!

They would look great lined up in a row, attached to a piece of barn wood to create hooks for your coats, purses to be organized. Or in a barn to hang up your rope.

I've only seen one of these online for more than double the price.

******WE have more rustic ones on our other vintage store ******

Approximate size is 8" Height and 6" Width.They are all NOT the exact same size and the bottom curved up area are all exactly the same size.
There are 2 Small holes at the top and middle to screw or nail to the wall.

Photo props only are hat,purse,scarf and Mobil gas airplane.

Condition, each one of these is unique and in very good vintage condition. There might be some minor coloring off or worn areas, these are vintage.
AS mentioned above, photos for you to choose are available IF you request this.

Orders usually shipped out within 1-2 weeks. IF YOU NEED SOONER, please let me know.
Vintage #1203

*VINTAGE NOTE: Please remember that this item has already had a previous life. Therefore, there might be the occasional imperfection. Although I take great care to describe any flaws and provide all the correct information about the age and details about the vintage items, I'm not a expert antique dealer.

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