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Bridesmaids Cascade with Blue Trailing Orchid Stems,Lavender Purple Calla Lilies,White Roses




All bouquets are not in stock, read below before purchasing.

Smaller Bridesmaid Cascading Bouquet. Flowers include Blue Island Trailing Orchids,White Open Roses and Lavender Purple Calla Lilies. Shown with a Purple Handle and Tropical greens.
The handle should match the color of the Bridesmaids dresses.

Size is approximately 13" long by 7" wide. This can be made larger for an extra cost.

SHOWN with a larger Brides Cascade called "Duffy's Cascade", available in another listing.

All bouquets are custom made. If your interested, please CONVO me with your wedding date and which flowers you like. All orders go on our design schedule and before placing an order, we need to make sure we have enough time to complete your order.

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