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Blue Orchid Wedding Bird Cage Card Holder Wire, Upcycled Home Decor Item


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OUR last bird cage in stock!

We upcycled metal bird cage. This was once a bird cage used for home decor, it's now redesigned it to be a card holder for a wedding. It was found plain, we just added the three blue orchid silk clusters with royal blue ribbon. There are just a few worn off areas in the bird cages paint, mostly wear on the large top round ring at the top and the latch that opens it.

Shown with our own turquoise taupe bird, he is only a photo prop and NOT included. OF course you can add your own bird to fill in the space a bit and add color and interest!

*****The front latch, sides to open, IF you'd like the top to be more secure, LET me know and I'll gently wire the top piece to the bottom, in the back, two pieces, with white covered, thin wire, then the top won't open as easily.

You can make your own "Card" sign, we don't have one to include.

Approximate size is 21" Height, 9 1/4" Width. The bottom has three round ball feet, the top has a large ring to hang it or carry it, the front has a latch that slides open. The top (once unhooked from the front), opens like a shell (see photo of it open), it has a small hinged piece that keeps the top and the bottom together.

The wire is a off white color. The top has a 18" long cluster with Blue Violet phalaenopsis orchids, Blue Violet CA orchids and royal blue satin and organza bow. The front has a 6" cluster with Blue Violet CA orchid and the same ribbon bow, the inside, bottom has a cluster like the front cluster, just a bit bigger.

****COST of Shipping Bird Cages. When shipped thru the USPS prices can sometime be high, when we go to ship it, we do check with UPS, if it's LESS there, we use our UPS account and refund the shipping overages to your order!*************************************************************

This would be a great piece to keep in your home after the wedding, the top lifts up so easily, a larger silk arrangement can be designed for the inside.


To be shipped without any other items.
WE ship orders out in 1-2 weeks, if you need sooner, please let me know.

****IF you need to see more photos, send me a CONVO******

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