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3 Stems Peacock Blue Violet MO Dendrobium Orchids Galaxy Singapore





There are 16 orchid heads per stem. Minimum order is 3 stems.

This is one of our most popular colors. The color is a teal color with highlight of violet and some white (in our opinion, we do sell samples for you to see before purchasing).

33" long stem, Dendrobium orchids with 16 full blooms. High quality dendrobium orchids. Flower head size about 2". The trend is to glue on tall branches and use with fresh orchids. Add in your bouquets or use in arrangement designing. When using our silk orchids with fresh, it is hard to tell which are fresh and which are silk. The texture is a latex, great hanging style for cascade bouquets (SEE our listing for Keri's Cascade).

Silk bouquets are designed with Peacock Blue Violet MO orchids. Those bouquets are special order and listing in the bouquet section.

We sell samples of orchid heads if you'd like to see the quality and decide your color..SEARCH Orchid Samples on our home page. LOOK for the photos with the envelope and the correct number of orchids you'd like to see. We strongly recommend this to see the color hues.

Orders are usually shipped out in 1-2 weeks, if you need sooner, please let me know.


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