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20 Blue Ocean Island Dendrobium Orchid Heads,Loose Orchids,Loose Orchid Heads


$24.00 $18.00



Was $24.00 a bag now $20.00

Mixed Blues,Blue Violet and White island heads all mixed into one bag!

Blue Ocean island orchid heads have many shades of the ocean. Each bag is specially mixed and NOT exactly the same.

All bags will have some of blue island (available in another listing),royal blue,medium blues,light blues,deep blues and some orchids have a hint of blue/coral and you might see blue/sand and the white is the white caps of the ocean.

***Because these bags have so many blues, we cannot send samples.

***These are available FOR a LIMITED TIME!


The quality is not premium like our other orchids. The orchid petals are light weight. The edges can fray just a bit, if this happens, cut the edge with a sharp scissor. The island orchids have six petals, our other dendrobium orchids have five.

Size is about 3", the stem under the orchid is about 1/2" to 1". You can wire the orchid heads or glue them into bouquets.

Packaged in a bag of 20 heads. These orchid heads are a great option to save on shipping and overall orchid cost.

These orchids can add a beautiful accent to your cupcakes or cake....just wrap a little piece of plastic around each stem to ensure the color stays off the cake.

We have tested and submerged Island Orchids in water, they do not bleed but are light weight and float.

Blue Beach sign, Blue whale and Blue Seahorse are photo props only and not for sale.

Orders are usually shipped out in one to two weeks, if you need sooner, please let me know.


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