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4 Blue Island Dendrobium Orchid Trailing Stems




Packaged in a bag, 4 short stems for $16.00. These orchid stems are a great option to save on decorating, flower cost and shipping.

Our Blue Island Orchid trailing short stems are available in 2 colors. This listing is for Blue Island Orchid Trails. These are silk orchid tips. Beautiful Blue color, small buds and orchid tips, each stems has 8 blooms and orchid tips. The size of the blooms are about the size of a dime.The edges can fray just a bit, if this happens, recut the edge with a sharp scissor.

These short stems would make wonderful cake clusters with a few of our Blue island orchid heads. I've tried to show what they would look like on a cake by using our Vintage White Silver hat box as a "mock cake". Shown with our hat box (make shift cake) are some of our Blue island orchid heads with these short stems.

Some photos have both Blue Island Orchid trailing stems and our Blue Island orchid heads.

***PHOTO with 2 Bouquets has Blue island orchid trailing stems. Bouquets are in our listing for Patricia's Bridal bouquet and Patricia's Bridesmaids bouquet. These bouquets shows you what the trailing stems LOOK like in bouquets. OF course we can design bouquets for you in the Teal Island orchids trailing stems!

These stems can also be lengthened with floral wire and used as a great cascade draping flower!

Entire stems length from tiny tips to small blue flowers is 6"-8".

When using on a cake...just wrap a tiny pieces of clear plastic wrap to each stem, this ensures the color stays off the cake.

SEE our listings for Teal Island Orchid Trailing Stems******

We have tested and submerges Island Orchids in water, they did not bleed but are light weight and float.

Orders are usually shipped out in one to two weeks, if you need sooner, please let me know.

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