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Our Rhinestone Garlands are 7" long with 9 rhinestones with silver connectors. They are $6.00 per short garland, three for the price of $18.00. Each rhinestone comes with a 4" silver wire to attach to branches, cascades or whatever you'd like to attach it to.
Each rhinestone circle size is 14MM, a little smaller than a dime.

These are not real rhinestones, they are acrylic made to be rhinestone looking, Each multi faceted round piece has a silver backing, which makes it look like a sparkling rhinestone.The quality is beautiful and amazing!

Ideal to drape in a cascade's trail.

If you need them longer to drape out of elevated centerpieces, they can be easily connected with silver rings purchased from a craft store or silver floral paddle wire. Send me a CONVO if you need a bolt of our silver paddle wire,and we'll sell you one. Please do this before purchasing the rhinestone garlands, so we can include it with your order. Our silver wire is not as heavy as the rings but it works.

Your can add wire hooks to drape them from glass vase rims or to dangle from elevated candle holders. The garlands add bling and sparkle to branches.

After using at your wedding, wire them from your Christmas tree branches, you'll always remember them from your wedding every year!

Orders are usually shipped out in 1-2 weeks, if you need sooner, please include your date in a order or ask me in a CONVO, I get back to clients quickly.


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